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Ayurved Gharelu Nuske

Health benefits of cucumbers

1.Quick pick me-up - Cucumbers are a good source of B vitamins. Put down your sodas and coffee and eat a cucumber slice.

2. Rehydrates body and replenishes daily vitamins - Cucumbers are 95 percent water, keeping the body hydrated while helping the body eliminate toxins. Cucumbers have most of the vitamins the body needs in a single day. Do not forget to Leave the ski N on because the AMOUNT of good A Skin contains vitamin C, about 10 percent of the Daily-recommended allowance. 

3. Skin and hair care - If you don't like to eat the skin, it can be used for skin irritations and sunburns as aloe would be used. Place a slice over puffy eyes and its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce puffiness. Hair Cucumbers help to stimulate growth in the Silicon and SULFUR. ​​

4. Fight cancers - Cucumber are known to contain lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolariciresinol. These three lignans have strong A History of Cancer Research in Connection with Reduced risk of several types, including Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Uterine Cancer Cancer and prostate. 

5. Home care - Eliminates a foggy mirror. Before taking a shower, rub a cucumber slice along a mirror and it will eliminate the mirror fogging up. Instead of WD40, cucumber slice and rub it along AA Squeaky Take Your Door hinge and squeaking will stop.

6. Relieves bad breath - Take A slice of cucumber and press it to the Roof of Your tongue for 30 seconds with Your mouth, Phytochemcials will kill the bacteria in the mouth Responsible for Your CAUSING bad breath. 

7. Hangover cure - To avoid a morning hangover or headache; eat a few cucumber slices before going to bed. Cucumbers contain enough sugar, B vitamins and many Replenish Essential Nutrients to Electrolytes, Reducing Both the Intensity of headache and hangover.

8. Aids in weight loss and digestion - Due to its low calorie and high water content, cucumber is an ideal diet for people who are looking for weight loss. The high water content and dietary fiber in cucumbers are very effective in ridding the body of toxins from the digestive system, aiding digestion. Daily Consumption of Cucumbers regarded as BE A Remedy for Chronic constipation can. 

9. Cures diabetes, reduces cholesterol and controls blood pressure - Cucumber juice contains a hormone which is needed by the cells of the pancreas for producing insulin which has been found to be beneficial to diabetic patients. Researchers found that a compound called sterols in cucumbers may help reduce cholesterol levels. Cucumbers contain a lot of potassium, magnesium and fiber. These work effectively for regulating blood pressure. This makes for good Cucumbers Both Low Blood pressure and High Blood pressure TREATING. 

10. Promotes joint health, relieves gout and arthritis pain-Cucumber is an excellent source of silica, which is known to help promotes joint health by strengthening the connective tissues. They are also rich in vitamin A, B1, B6, C & D, Folate, Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium. When mixed with carrot juice, they can relieve gout and arthritis pain by lowering the uric acid levels


================================================== ===============================

Man by nature - such that it was awarded the lifetime of such gifts could not repay them. Basil is one such plant which by nature man is precious. In normal-appearing basil plant are found many rare and precious qualities. His Holiness the basil plant that's what we - what might come handy -

- शरीर के वजन को नियंत्रित रखने हेतु भी तुलसी अत्यंत गुणकारी है। - इसके नियमित सेवन से भारी व्यक्ति का वजन घटता है एवं पतले व्यक्ति का वजन बढ़ता है यानी तुलसी शरीर का वजन आनुपातिक रूप से नियंत्रित करती है। - तुलसी के रस की कुछ drops slightly - by putting salt in large anesthetist person's nose is soon regained consciousness. - tea (without milk) with a few leaves of basil simmer while you go for cold, fever and muscle pain reliever है। - 10 ग्राम तुलसी के रस को 5 ग्राम शहद के साथ सेवन करने से हिचकी एवं अस्थमा के रोगी को ठीक किया जा सकता है। - तुलसी के काढ़े में थोड़ा-सा सेंधा नमक एवं पीसी सौंठ मिलाकर सेवन करने से कब्ज दूर होती है । - दोपहर भोजन के पश्चात तुलसी की पत्तियां चबाने से पाचन शक्ति मजबूत होती है। - 10 ग्राम तुलसी के रस के साथ 5 ग्राम शहद एवं 5 ग्राम पिसी कालीमिर्च का सेवन करने से पाचन शक्ति की कमजोरी समाप्त हो जाती है। - दूषित पानी में By inserting some fresh basil leaves can be used to purify water.


अधिक जानकारी के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें:

****ध्यान रहे पथरी के रोगीओं के लिए चूना वर्जित है****
चूना जो आप पान में खाते है वो सत्तर बीमारी ठीक कर देते है । �

जैसे किसीको पीलिया हो जाये माने जोंडिस उसकी सबसे अछि दावा है चूना ; गेहूँ के दाने के बराबर चूना गन्ने के रस में मिलाकर पिलाने से बहुत जल्दी पीलिया ठीक कर देता है । और येही चूना नपुंसकता की सबसे अछि दावा है - अगर किसीके शुक्राणु नही बनता उसको अगर गन्ने के रस के साथ चूना पिलाया जाये तो साल देड साल में भरपूर शुक्राणु बन्ने लगेंगे; और जिन माताओं के शरीर में अन्डे नही बनते उनकी बहुत अछि दावा है ये चूना । बिद्यार्थीओ के लिए चूना बहुत अछि है जो लम्बाई बढाती है - गेहूँ के दाने के बराबर चूना रोज दही में मिलाके खाना चाहिए, दही नही है तो दाल में मिलाके खाओ, दाल नही है तो पानी में मिलाके पियो - इससे लम्बाई बढने के साथ साथ स्मरण शक्ति भी बहुत अच्छा होता है । जिन बच्चोकी बुद्धि कम काम करती है मतिमंद बच्चे उनकी सबसे अछि दावा है चूना, जो बच्चे बुद्धि से कम है, दिमाग देर में काम करते है, देर में सोचते है हर चीज उनकी स्लो है उन सभी बच्चे को चूना खिलाने से अछे हो जायेंगे । 

बहनों को अपने मासिक धर्म के समय अगर कुछ भी तकलीफ होती हो तो उसका सबसे अछि दावा है चूना । और हमारे घर में जो माताएं है जिनकी उम्र पचास वर्ष हो गयी और उनका मासिक धर्म बंध हुआ उनकी सबसे अछि दावा है चूना; गेहूँ के दाने के बराबर चूना हरदिन खाना दाल में, लस्सी में, नही तो पानी में घोल के पीना । 

जब कोई माँ गर्भावस्था में है तो चूना रोज खाना चाहिए किउंकि गर्भवती माँ को सबसे जादा काल्सियम की जरुरत होती है और चूना कैल्सियम का सब्से बड़ा भंडार है । गर्भवती माँ को चूना खिलाना चाहिए अनार के रस में - अनार का रस एक कप और चूना गेहूँ के दाने के बराबर ये मिलाके रोज पिलाइए नौ महीने तक लगातार दीजिये तो चार फाईदे होंगे - पहला फाईदा होगा के माँ को बच्चे के जनम के समय कोई तकलीफ नही होगी और नोर्मल डेलीभरी होगा, दूसरा बछा जो पैदा होगा वो बहुत हस्टपुष्ट और तंदरुस्त होगा , तीसरा फ़ायदा वो बछा जिन्दगी में जल्दी बीमार नही पड़ता जिसकी माँ ने चूना खाया , और चौथा सबसे बड़ा लाभ है वो बछा बहुत होसियार होता है बहुत Intelligent और Brilliant होता है उसका IQ बहुत अच्छा होता है । 

चूना घुटने का दर्द ठीक करता है , कमर का दर्द ठीक करता है , कंधे का दर्द ठीक करता है, एक खतरनाक बीमारी है Spondylitis वो चुने से ठीक होता है । कई बार हमारे रीड़ की हड्डी में जो मनके होते है उसमे दुरी बड़ जाती है Gap आ जाता है - ये चूना ही ठीक करता है उसको; रीड़ की हड्डी की सब बीमारिया चुने से ठीक होता है । अगर आपकी हड्डी टूट जाये तो टूटी हुई हड्डी को जोड़ने की ताकत सबसे जादा चुने में है । चूना खाइए सुबह को खाली पेट ।

अगर मुह में ठंडा गरम पानी लगता है तो चूना खाओ बिलकुल ठीक हो जाता है , मुह में अगर छाले हो गए है तो चुने का पानी पियो तुरन्त ठीक हो जाता है । शारीर में जब खून कम हो जाये तो चूना जरुर लेना चाहिए , अनीमिया है खून की कमी है उसकी सबसे अछि दावा है ये चूना , चूना पीते रहो गन्ने के रस में , या संतरे के रस में नही तो सबसे अच्छा है अनार के रस में - अनार के रस में चूना पिए खून बहुत बढता है , बहुत जल्दी खून बनता है - एक कप अनार का रस गेहूँ के दाने के बराबर चूना सुबह खाली पेट ।

भारत के जो लोग चुने से पान खाते है, बहुत होसियार लोग है पर तम्बाकू नही खाना, तम्बाकू ज़हर है और चूना अमृत है .. तो चूना खाइए तम्बाकू मत खाइए और पान खाइए चुने का उसमे कत्था मत लगाइए, कत्था कन्सर करता है, पान में सुपारी मत डालिए सोंट डालिए उसमे , इलाइची डालिए , लोंग डालिए. केशर डालिए ; ये सब डालिए पान में चूना लगाके पर तम्बाकू नही , सुपारी नही और कत्था नही ।
अगर आपके घुटने में घिसाव आ गया और डॉक्टर कहे के घुटना बदल दो तो भी जरुरत नही चूना खाते रहिये और हाड़सिंगार के पत्ते का काड़ा खाइए घुटने बहुत अछे काम करेंगे । राजीव भाई कहते है चूना खाइए पर चूना लगाइए मत किसको भी ..ये चूना लगाने के लिए नही है खाने के लिए है ; आजकल हमारे देश में चूना लगाने वाले बहुत है पर ये भगवान ने खाने के लिए दिया है ।

अधिक जानकारी के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें:

****ध्यान रहे पथरी के रोगीओं के लिए चूना वर्जित है****
चूना जो आप पान में खाते है वो सत्तर बीमारी ठीक कर देते है । �
जैसे किसीको पीलिया हो जाये माने जोंडिस उसकी सबसे अछि दावा है चूना ; गेहूँ के दाने के बराबर चूना गन्ने के रस में मिलाकर पिलाने से बहुत जल्दी पीलिया ठीक कर देता है । और येही चूना नपुंसकता की सबसे अछि दावा है - अगर किसीके शुक्राणु नही बनता उसको अगर गन्ने के रस के साथ चूना पिलाया जाये तो साल देड साल में भरपूर शुक्राणु बन्ने लगेंगे; और जिन माताओं के शरीर में अन्डे नही बनते उनकी बहुत अछि दावा है ये चूना । बिद्यार्थीओ के लिए चूना बहुत अछि है जो लम्बाई बढाती है - गेहूँ के दाने के बराबर चूना रोज दही में मिलाके खाना चाहिए, दही नही है तो दाल में मिलाके खाओ, दाल नही है तो पानी में मिलाके पियो - इससे लम्बाई बढने के साथ साथ स्मरण शक्ति भी बहुत अच्छा होता है । जिन बच्चोकी बुद्धि कम काम करती है मतिमंद बच्चे उनकी सबसे अछि दावा है चूना, जो बच्चे बुद्धि से कम है, दिमाग देर में काम करते है, देर में सोचते है हर चीज उनकी स्लो है उन सभी बच्चे को चूना खिलाने से अछे हो जायेंगे ।
बहनों को अपने मासिक धर्म के समय अगर कुछ भी तकलीफ होती हो तो उसका सबसे अछि दावा है चूना । और हमारे घर में जो माताएं है जिनकी उम्र पचास वर्ष हो गयी और उनका मासिक धर्म बंध हुआ उनकी सबसे अछि दावा है चूना; गेहूँ के दाने के बराबर चूना हरदिन खाना दाल में, लस्सी में, नही तो पानी में घोल के पीना ।
जब कोई माँ गर्भावस्था में है तो चूना रोज खाना चाहिए किउंकि गर्भवती माँ को सबसे जादा काल्सियम की जरुरत होती है और चूना कैल्सियम का सब्से बड़ा भंडार है । गर्भवती माँ को चूना खिलाना चाहिए अनार के रस में - अनार का रस एक कप और चूना गेहूँ के दाने के बराबर ये मिलाके रोज पिलाइए नौ महीने तक लगातार दीजिये तो चार फाईदे होंगे - पहला फाईदा होगा के माँ को बच्चे के जनम के समय कोई तकलीफ नही होगी और नोर्मल डेलीभरी होगा, दूसरा बछा जो पैदा होगा वो बहुत हस्टपुष्ट और तंदरुस्त होगा , तीसरा फ़ायदा वो बछा जिन्दगी में जल्दी बीमार नही पड़ता जिसकी माँ ने चूना खाया , और चौथा सबसे बड़ा लाभ है वो बछा बहुत होसियार होता है बहुत Intelligent और Brilliant होता है उसका IQ बहुत अच्छा होता है ।
चूना घुटने का दर्द ठीक करता है , कमर का दर्द ठीक करता है , कंधे का दर्द ठीक करता है, एक खतरनाक बीमारी है Spondylitis वो चुने से ठीक होता है । कई बार हमारे रीड़ की हड्डी में जो मनके होते है उसमे दुरी बड़ जाती है Gap आ जाता है - ये चूना ही ठीक करता है उसको; रीड़ की हड्डी की सब बीमारिया चुने से ठीक होता है । अगर आपकी हड्डी टूट जाये तो टूटी हुई हड्डी को जोड़ने की ताकत सबसे जादा चुने में है । चूना खाइए सुबह को खाली पेट ।
अगर मुह में ठंडा गरम पानी लगता है तो चूना खाओ बिलकुल ठीक हो जाता है , मुह में अगर छाले हो गए है तो चुने का पानी पियो तुरन्त ठीक हो जाता है । शारीर में जब खून कम हो जाये तो चूना जरुर लेना चाहिए , अनीमिया है खून की कमी है उसकी सबसे अछि दावा है ये चूना , चूना पीते रहो गन्ने के रस में , या संतरे के रस में नही तो सबसे अच्छा है अनार के रस में - अनार के रस में चूना पिए खून बहुत बढता है , बहुत जल्दी खून बनता है - एक कप अनार का रस गेहूँ के दाने के बराबर चूना सुबह खाली पेट ।
भारत के जो लोग चुने से पान खाते है, बहुत होसियार लोग है पर तम्बाकू नही खाना, तम्बाकू ज़हर है और चूना अमृत है .. तो चूना खाइए तम्बाकू मत खाइए और पान खाइए चुने का उसमे कत्था मत लगाइए, कत्था कन्सर करता है, पान में सुपारी मत डालिए सोंट डालिए उसमे , इलाइची डालिए , लोंग डालिए. केशर डालिए ; ये सब डालिए पान में चूना लगाके पर तम्बाकू नही , सुपारी नही और कत्था नही ।
अगर आपके घुटने में घिसाव आ गया और डॉक्टर कहे के घुटना बदल दो तो भी जरुरत नही चूना खाते रहिये और हाड़सिंगार के पत्ते का काड़ा खाइए घुटने बहुत अछे काम करेंगे । राजीव भाई कहते है चूना खाइए पर चूना लगाइए मत किसको भी ..ये चूना लगाने के लिए नही है खाने के लिए है ; आजकल हमारे देश में चूना लगाने वाले बहुत है पर ये भगवान ने खाने के लिए दिया है ।

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** Remember to rogion of lime stones is prohibited **
Dribble that you fix those seventy illness account in pan. �

Should be send to someone like jaundice boasts its most renowned jondis achi lime; Wheat grain is equal to all feeds in sugarcane juice dribble very quickly fix jaundice. And yeah most of achi claim impotence dribble-if not made him sperm kicks if Sugarcane juice with lime fed as the year take a bumper year sperm banne ded; And not in the body of mothers who claim their very industrious and achi ande these lime. Bidyarthio to dribble too much propels the achi length-wheat grain of lime should eat yogurt every day is not the yogurt milake in suspect is not so in the water, eat lentils milake milake drink-this length along with perestroika, recalled power is also very good. The bachchoki works matimand kids at their most wisdom achi claims lime, which is less than the child IQ, work in the brain, while in think everything is their slow ache from all the baby will be feeding dribble.

Sisters shortness of their menstrual periods would be if anything his achi claims dribble. And our home in which mothers whose age fifty years and was their most of their menstrual periods stop achi claims lime; Wheat grain of lime in Lassi, hardin does not eat lentils, sipping water slurry.

When a mother should eat daily dribble in pregnancy kiunki pregnant mother require calcium and lime most played calcium's sabse big stores. Pregnant Mommy should feed lime Pomegranate juice-Pomegranate juice equals one cup wheat grain and dribble it and nine months until the day pilaie milake four phaide will be the first phaida mother-child he would not be a time of trouble and will lead to a normal delibhri, hepatitis and tandarust bacha which would be too The third advantage early in life he does not ill bacha whose mother ate the lime, and the fourth is the biggest advantage he has is very Intelligent and very Brilliant hours bacha is his IQ is very good.

Lime knee pain well, waist pain right, shoulder pain is a dangerous disease Spondylitis fixes they choose right. Many times we are rid of the beaded comes in is Gap distances exceed-this fixes oppress only dribble; Select all burma to rid bone. If you add the broken bone fractured as the strength of the most played selected. Lime khaie morning empty stomach.

If cool in hot water so is north-facing limestone eat quite well, has been so chosen if blisters is north-facing water drink instantly goes well. Hygiene should be reduced when blood in the lime should notice, is the lack of blood achi animiya claim they keep drinking Sugarcane juice lime, lime, or orange juice is the best the Pomegranate juice-Pomegranate Juice also increases the blood lime is so anyone near, very quickly becomes blood-1 cup Pomegranate juice wheat grain of lime in the morning empty stomach.

India's people who choose to eat, many hours on the Pan is not food, tobacco tobacco people poison nectar and lime. So don't choose khaie khaie khaie tobacco dribble and pan do not in of catechu involvement, catechu areca in cancer, don't embed embed sont in pan, then add and embed, embed the cloves-. Kesar embed; All this and embed the Pan not on tobacco, areca nut in lime lagake and catechu.

If lugging your knee and doctors do not need to change two of the knee called the lime leaf hydrangeas tuned account and Kara will work very khaie knee ache. Rajiv's brother says don't dribble on lime khaie involvement replied too.These lime is not to eat; Nowadays in our country means a lot to put on God for food.

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Friends in India 3000 years ago was a sage named Bagvt the law! She lived to 135 years! He wrote his book Astang Hirdyam formula in 7000 to stay healthy! These are the ones you read a thread from the pen of Rajiv Dixit!
_________________________________ Bagvt law says, it says he is very keen to talk to you ever eat a little lunch time, so be sure. Make lunch time. It's never ate anything. He is our body which is not always something to eat. The body is in the stomach, it is Pradipt fire. So Bagvtji is to say, when Agni in the most severe stomach to your meals eaten at the same time, a part of the grain and the change in digestive juice in the juice from the meat and marrow, blood, stool, Mutra,

Fattening and your bones will develop them. we ever fall for anything. Pddhti ever eat anything that is not India, this is Europe. He is saying to the doctors in Europe partially Keep eating, keep eating Never. We do not do this, you both want to explain the difference. Bagvtji is to say, the prescribed time for dinner. And when that time will be determined to be a predominance of Agni in the stomach. If Jtrgni intensity. Research on Bagvtji and this is to say that, after research showed half Jtrgni two years in which time is the most intense. He says that when the sun rises, the sun rise is about two and a half hours Jtrgni the most intense. suppose if you're in Chennai from 7 pm to 9 pm Jtrgni be the most intense. Maybe she should talk to the same Sutra in Arunachal Pradesh will come from four and a half to six hours. Arunachal Pradesh speaks at 4 pm the sun comes out. In Sikkim 15 minutes and then say you'll be the first to say the same thing if you go in Gujarat in time will vary slightly with the Sutra kept in mind. As happened until sunrise the next two and a half hours of the most intense stomach is Agni. So Bagvtji to say this time most meals. Bagvtji had one and Research, as part of the body and is Hday eg, stomach, kidney, lever the different times of their work! The heart works like most mornings! 4 by four thirty heart attack heart of the most active and most come in at the same time. Lijia ask any doctor, because Hday most intense at the same time. Hday power would then be activated at the same time, 99% Heart Aॅtॅk therefore occur only in early Moningj. So the way we have lever kidney, I made ​​a list, is in the books out. In Snketrup'm telling you it's time to work the body part, it decided to nature. Agni morning from 7 am to 9.30 if the stomach is most intense at the same time you eat stodge. Okay. Then eat some more if you are hungry Khege Lijia afternoon. But Bagvt G says most of the morning meal. In today's language, to tell you to fill your Nashta. If you're lunch Bagvtji is to say, they're a little breakfast, a little less than one third less Dijia lunch and dinner, 1/3 Dijia. I'll tell you right now. If you eat bread in the morning to 6 in the afternoon and evening 2 4 bread eat bread. Your tongue tastes food potato paratha you have yearned for so early in the morning, eat everything Bagvtji is to say, if you eat early, eat potatoes and radish Hala if you're Jain is also prohibited for you then Jain If not for them? If you like one of the things that come morning. Dumpling, Gulf Jilebi, Apakea like to eat in the morning. वो ये कहते हे की इसमें छोडने की जरूरत नहीं सुबह पेट भरके खाओ तो पेट की संतुष्टी हुई , मन की भी संतुष्टी हो जाती है । और बागवटजी कहते है की भोजन में पेट की संतुष्टी से ज्यादा मन की संतुष्टी महत्व की है। मन हमारा जो Huh, that's kind of Vshuye, hormones, driven by Anjaims. In the minds of today who say doctors, but doctors say she's Hala Glॅnd pineal mind that a lot of juice that comes out of this. We have all the hormones, the pineal Glॅnd Anjaims can say (mind) is essential for satisfying the meal plan if you are satisfied, then the most active Piniyllॅnd your body so that whatever you say Anjaims parallel regularly stepping MMR live. And the food is not Tripti in the pineal Glॅnd is wrong. The virus enters the body is stretched in and pineal Glॅnd. Kind of makes you susceptible to diseases. If you are not satisfied meal after 10-12 years you'll be mental suffering and disease. Mental illness is very bad. You Sijofrania many illnesses you may be suffering from depression, 27 of the illnesses may come. If ever eat a meal, the stomach full, contented mind. ओर मन के भरने और पेट के तृप्त होने का सबसे अच्छा समय सवेरे का है । अब मैने(राजीव भाई ने ) ये बागवटजी के सूत्रों को चारो तरफ देखना शुरू किया तो मुझे पता चला की मनुष्य को छोडकर जीव जगत का हर प्राणी इस सूत्रा का is following. Man considers himself smarter. But humans are more intelligent creatures in the universe Praniyon. Cidiya look at you, like how many Cidiye, the morning sun starts coming out of their food, and gourmet eats. Around 6 am, Rajasthan, Gujarat Go all the way back to work is Cidiya. Every full gourmet eats and drinks water after four hours. Look at the cow starts eating Uttehi day. Buffalo, goat, horse and stomach filling Let all morning and started to eat dinner. Then all the animals so it will rest in the afternoon, and did not even look out onto Jivjntu our eyes about this morning is lunch time. They were all eating the same with sunrise. Therefore, healthier lives than we were. I've told you many times that you would not laugh at any Cidiya Daybitis the Heart Aॅtॅk do not have any monkey. The monkey is so near you! That's just the difference in the anatomy of the ape and monkey you do not ask you something else is the same now. So this monkey ever Aॅtॅk Heart, Dasbitis, high BP, would not. mine is a very good friend, Dr. Rajendranath Shanwag. He named Udupi in Karnataka is the place to live is to live over there. Very large, Professor, Medical College is working. He has a big deep research. Ill to make the monkey! So he's kind of like the monkey virus and plaque to put in the body, sometimes through injecting ever. That is to say, I failed Rhaँ 15 years. Monkey can not be certain. And I said, how can you do this, the monkey could not do anything, then he told Subgroups secret one day you too will reveal. RH factor of the monkey in the world which is not the norm, and no doctor measures your RH factor is not it! From monkey Kanmpear she does not tell you that it would be different. It is because of this, it can not come any disease. Not only does the cholesterol in the blood. There was never ever increasing Troyglesaid not Dasbitis. Do Dntrodus out how much sugar in her body, she ment. He says Professor Sir, the man is the same round, the monkey eats a hearty morning Sverehi. The man who does not eat. then she told Professor Rabindranath Shanwagne see some Mrinjon Bhaya, gourmet eat in the morning. then the patient told him that many of his patients to eat stodge morning stating their patient, since the day Subgroups started stodge, Dasbitis was considered low sugar, low cholesterol was someone, someone to ease the pain of back pain was reduced by Gtnon has been closed to gas burning in the stomach, stopped to sleep The ..... etc .. etc. And this thing called Bagvtji 3500 years ago, the best food this morning. He seems to assume that whatever flavor you like to eat in the morning. then please fix dinner day. At the time I told you, two and a half hours until the sun rose. Mane 9:30 pm, more than 10 hours must be actual food. And the food will stop only when you snack. This is not the Nashta Hindusthani. These are British and you know what we were having an affair, Nashta little less will do extra little lunch, and dinner will be the highest. Srwstyanas. Exactly the opposite is called Bagvtji, most do Nashta lunch and dinner Discount up a little short. Our Bilkul inversion is having an affair! It is Agrej and lowest Amerikiyo Nashta to know the reason?'s good for them if they Nashta to light. Nashta's very nice to us too. Because it is fixed in the country of the British sun does not act quickly are not seen in years 8-8 months and the sun is Jtrgni. No? The sun will be intense as the sun Agni with acute uncomplicated'd like, www. -40 Until the sun rises in the U.S., not just Europe. If the temperature drops 8-8 months does it snow sun may not be so intense Jtrgni If he can not Heavier Nashta they will be Tkfil! Now our sun is out and the next thousands of years will yield thousands of years! So we started to imitate them without thinking! So Bagvt G is to say, the dawn of the food you eat hearty. ? Then the Turks - not Kuturk Kria, we have to assume about the world, what, she's not the stomach? Rkiye Durust the stomach, then I would say, gut kept fit so well it is handled Snblti Tohi about the world and about the world so they will carefully what to say, the stomach is not good, health is not good, you have ten Krond what they earned will not shelve the doctor? Instead of having a dairy Let the doctor and the abdominal Take amended. If your stomach is your world. Ues to eat in the morning as you step out Grke. Jtragni pm in intensity starts to wane a bit floaty at that time known as eating less food eaten in the morning, so good. Not eat it even better. Empty Eat fruit, juice yoghurt drink Mtta. Then eaten in the evening. evening what time you eat now??? then Bagvt Prkti law says we need to learn from that too. Lamp. Kijia you start burning oil lamp filled. Love the first flame too fast, too fast will last and last Bujne considered when the lamp will burn out before you burn Jise te, that is to stomach. Jtrgni too early in the morning when the sun is going to be intense and Shama, only to be intense, very intense. He says, lived Shamka eat food sun; sun has sunk so deep Agni. As it is said in the Jain philosophy is Nisedh Bagvtji the food is the same thing, way different, that's all. In Jain philosophy of ahimsa is to say, he is called for health. After the evening meal, the sun sinking into the world, no one does. Cow, buffalo will not have to look Kilake, goat, donkey look Kilake, account no. This sorra account. If you eat, you do your Lijia Kanmpear What's with you? No animal eats after Jivtashi sun Or else you're eating Q is a law of nature that says Bagvtji Kria be followed by dinner rush it. before the sun sinking at 5.30 am - 6 pm Khayia. How much longer before? His life has Bagvt Kॅlkyuleshn, 40 minutes before the sun is sinking Chennai 7 pm. Go to any corner of the Hindusthan 6.20 minutes to 40 minutes the sun will rise. If you have it 40 minutes before the evening meal and a half hours of the morning until the sun came up, Lijia ever eaten. Take time to eat both filling the stomach. What will live again at night? Bagvtji for the night is called, the same thing for the night you can take liquids. He said milk which are the best. Bagvtji is to say, the evening after the sun "in our gut hormones and gastric juice in place or are born Anjaim digest the Dudh is. So he says he Dudh sun sets, it is a thing worth eating. Lijiऐ the night Dudh p. If you eat dinner at 6:00 in the morning at 9.30 am, the bark will look very nice. then you say Yes, we have Vate shop at 6 pm Please call for wrecks. Box can come in the store. Yes you can shop sitting in the car and arrived at 6 am going to tell you I linked arms with me if you have any Daybitik the patient, the patient no asthma is a serious disease of today that anyone Sutra Let turned on. Can you call me after three months of Khnge, Rajiv Brother, I'm already pretty good at getting my sugar level. asthma is getting low. Troyglisraid Czech acronym Lijia, and to start Sutra, three months later the Czech acronym Lijia, would at first, LDL decrease very rapidly, HDL increase. Grow HDL, LDL VLDL must be reduced. So it's possible you honestly Follow the Bagvtji Sutra that will help you stay healthy too! 've read the whole post, thanks a lot! click here to there! Https://wwwlyoutubelcom/

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 Friends sage in India are bigger! Charak sage, sage Patanjali, a sage who has  Shushud Sage Sage Bagvt 3000 years ago! He wrote a book entitled 135 years  in the life of the human body to Ashtanga Hrdyam hundreds formula in that he  had written them down, read a thread about you!

 Bagvt writing is a place to live! Means that whenever you have to stay in bed in the morning  or evening or at night it's always universally oriented Oye! has entered architectural  architecture're here now! Vastu is science! They say it will definitely take care of it! heed  what???? They say it's always easy when you're asleep, your head in the direction of the  sun! The mean direction of the sun on the east and west legs are always making and the  compulsion to say if there will be no compulsion for any reason you can not head east and  then south (south) take there in the! So either east or south! Whenever you head to rest in  the East are the same! Feet always in the west, There is no compulsion then south on the  other side! Housed in the south head north foot! further links in the head in response to a  call by G Bagvt never sleep! then type in the formula is further north towards death, to  sleep! North direction is very good for others to read and write the works is to practice! In  the north it! But all Nishid north for gold is now the law has been written Bagvt! Rajiv  brothers did some research! तो राजीव भाई लिखते हैं कि गाव गाव जब मैं घूमता था तो किसी कि मृतुय  हो जाती तो मुझे अगर किसी के संस्कार पर जाना पड़ता !तो वहाँ मैं देखता कि पंडित जी खड़े हो गए संस्कार  के लिए !और संस्कार के सूत्र बोलना वो शुरू करते in! They say the first formula! In response to  head north up the body of the dead mean it! Deceased person speak first head north up the  chant!'re Dayanand Saraswati, founder of Arya Samaj and live in our country! Values ​​which  are in India! The sacrament is a sacrament of birth pregnancies Mrituy such a rite! Then he  has written a book (Rite method)! In the first method in that same thread ceremony is dead!  Please answer in the form of dead bodies start! Now this happened Bagvt G Dayanand G  etc. logo! Understand what science now in it!! These Rajiv brother is my explaination!!  Why???? today that Our brains Why is not she? Not only do without! Kyun Kyun to do???  because it is quite clear! Modern science tells your body it is your earth between these two  works, it's a force we call gravity (GRAVITATION force)! Have you ever like this, you  understand the two magnets, and the one's own hand you to 'll see if he sticks are always  on one side adhesively from the other side! On the other hand, they are pushing each  other! This is a magnet for these two is the south side of a north! North and north to south  or south and you have not Cipakege Jodoge he will push each other! लेकिन चुंबक के south  और north एक दूसरे से चिपक जाते है !! अब इस बात को दिमाग मे रख कर आगे पड़े ! अब ये शरीर पर  कैसे काम करता है !तो आप जानते है कि पृथ्वी का उत्तर और पृथ्वी का दक्षिण ये सबसे ज्यादा तीव्र for  gravity! Earth's north-south of the Earth that acts like a magnet for gravity! Now read  carefully done your part of the body he answered his head! And that foot is the South!!  Suppose you head north towards asleep by now! Now head north and the north of the  earth to come in with the force of repulsion that science says it works! Force of Repulsion  force of repulsion will mean! As you head north, you'll understand the repulsive force  pushing force will work! 'Scutcheon in your body will contraction! Then came the Skucn blood  flow in the body, blood pressure will be completely out of control! Why did the blood  pressure of the body will also pressure! So if blood pressure was not so sleepy! Dharpr  Dharpr in mind will go on forever! Heart rate will always be faster! Further north towards the  north poll is called earth! The answer is the head of our body! If either side is a force of  repulsion (repulsive force) sleep will not work! Now, two vice versa'm in your head south! If  your head is north north! And is kept in the south of the earth! The force of attraction will  work! You might get a force! Kichav have agreed if one lives in your body if you are lying  And the earth around your head to the south and is slightly larger, you will Kechega and  body! Kichti such as rubber, right? elasticity! Will a little sledding! As the slightly larger body  relaxation in the boby has come not single handedly For instance you are stretching out!  attach to the body's tone then what do you think??? Sounds great is why some elongation of  the body come in and you can warp to the body to relax feel great! so Bagwt living in the  south of the head shall have the force of attraction! The force of repulsion is scheduled to  head north! force of repulsion pressure on the body! Kichav force of attraction has on the  body! Kichav and pressure is opposite to each other! The pressure in the body will Skucn will  spread a little bit of pressure in the body! Dispersion so you'll sleep happy and she will not  sleep if the pressure is Bagvt law for this analysis is the best! The analysis in life to eliminate  all mental diseases liqueur way! There is then the most peaceful sleep! This takes you right  to sleep! Head in the east and in the south did not sleep!! Now before what???? prior  research about Earth scientists say all that! The former is Nutrl! There is the force of  attraction means neither more nor force of repulsion! And if you're holding balance each  other! Soyege by the head in the east Nutrl you will also fall asleep easily! Pucege living in  the West?? , the West has yet to be Research! Bagvt living silence are not giving any  explanation on that! And the science is engaged did not know anything about it until one is  mindful of these three universally! ever head north to vote! east or to the south in! Just one  last thing to take care of! 's the hermit saint or sage! Jihone not married etc! He always slept  by the former in the head! And who suffers live in Asrm! Is bound in the bonds of marriage  and family are gone! She slept through the South in the head! thank you to read the entire  post! click here to there!
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During a recent visit to an optician, one of my friend was told of an exercise for the eyes by a specialist doctor that he termed as 20-20-20. It is apt for all of us, who spend long hours at our desks, looking at the computer screen.

Step I: -

After every 20 minutes of looking into the computer screen, turn your head and try to look at any object placed at least 20 feet away. This changes the focal length of your eyes, a must-do for the tired eyes.

Step II: -

Try and blink your eyes for 20 times in succession, to moisten them.

Step III: -

Time permitting of course, one should walk 20 paces after every 20 minutes of sitting in one particular posture. Helps blood circulation for the entire body.
Circulate among all if you care. They say that your eyes are mirrors of your soul, so do take care of them, they are priceless.



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Friends Large U.S. companies which are selling medicines in India! The U.S. in the 20 -20 years off! America's most dangerous drug is being given to you! He's patient days of heart ( heart Patient) is being given to the most!! God forbid that you ever in your life heart attack here, but if you would post here to Tr!

And as you know an angioplasty operation is yours! Angioplasty heart operation Hose Doctor in the spring put! He stent says! And the stent comes from the U.S. and the cost of production only 3 dollars is! And here he is bringing 3 to 5 lakhs sell in and rob you like!

And once the attack in a stent put! 'll Second the second time! Doctor commission has repeatedly ask why they angioplasty Get angioplasty and run! Never got to do this!

So then what we will say to you ????!

you to the Ayurvedic treatment is very simple too! Lived before you've learned one thing! Angioplasty operation is not successful for anyone!! Doctor because the spring puts you in the heart tube!! The spring just pen the spring is like! And a few days later that spring both side front and back then the blockage will begin to accumulate! And then the second attack comes! And the doctor tells you again! Angioplasty operation and run! And thus robs your money and your life is similar in Millions are out! ! !

The Ayurvedic treatment Read Now!!
in India, 3000 was a year he was a great sage Mahaऋsi other Wagvt live!  
Hridaym He wrote a book called Ashtanga!! Add this book to cure diseases, he said 7000 had written the formula! These ones have a clue!!  Wagvt g kill Hrdy writes that ever happening! In the mean Nlio heart blockage is starting to be! So that means that of blood ( Blood) in the acidity ( Amlta) has increased!  

Amlta you understand! Which in English is called the acidity!!

Amlta are of two types is  
that Amlta one's stomach! And has a blood ( Blood) of Amlta!  
Amlta in your stomach when increasing! So you would say'm feeling irritation in the stomach!! Sour sour belching is coming! Removing mouth watering! And if this Amlta ( Acidity) and go up! So hyperacidity that! And the abdominal Amlta mounting - mounting is when the blood in the blood Amlta ( Blood Acidity) , does!  

And when the blood in the acidity increases, the Amliy of blood ( Blood) in Nlio heart can not leave! And in Naliya blockage it! Only if the heart attack happens!! Without a heart attack would not!! And this is a fact which increased the Ayurveda doctor tells you no, no! Because the treatment is simple!!

cure ??  
Wagbt Ji writes that of blood ( Blood) in Amlta ( Acidty) have increased! Do you use things such Chhariy which is  

let you know things like that!  

Amliy and Chhariy!!  
(acid and alkaline)

found two cinder now done and then what happens ?????
(( acid and alkaline
unite what happens) ????? Neutral
happens to everyone!!
then write Wagbt G is the blood that is increased Amlta Chhariy ( alkaline) Things to Eat of blood to the Amlta ( Acidity) Neutral they would be! Amlta in blood neutral grown so the heart attack no chance ever in life!! here's the whole story!

Chhariy now you ask, who is living and that things are what we eat ?????

your kitchen from dawn to dusk in so many things, which is Chhariy! Jinhe you ever eaten the heart attack did not come! And if you've arrived! then did not come back!!

best in your home Chhariy thing that Loki!! which is also called Dudi!! English says it is in the bottle gourd!!! that you eat as a vegetable is the worst thing a Chhariy is just the juice out of you everyday Loki - Get Drink! Khayo raw Loki!!

Swami Ramdev Ji Loki heard you say many times Piyon juice - juice Piyon Loki!
million people drink, they drink the juice of fixed Loki!! Thousands, and he's a doctor! Own this heart attack was going to happen!! If he goes there to drink the juice come Loki!! 3 months 4 months Loki come back here again drinking juice clinic sits on is  

where we did not show it! It is said that we were Nyork we went to Germany to have the operation! The Ram Dev Ji were here! And 3 months have been drinking juice Loki! Then come and clinic operations took in! And she is so idiot not tell you that you also drink juice Loki!

Ramdev Ji explains this is so even Wagvt friends who live on the same show!! Wagwatt ji is the heaviest loss of blood Amlta to have more strength in Loki! So you have plenty of juice to Loki!!

so close ?????????
daily 200 to 300 mg Drink!

when drunk ??

morning on an empty stomach ( toilet after) can drink!!
or snack After half an hour can drink!!

This is Loki juice can make you more Chhariy! These 7 to 10 basil leaves, put the  
basil is very Chhariy!! With the mint from 7 to 10 leaves can join! Peppermint is very Chhariy! You must also add black salt or rock salt! It is also very Chhariy!!  
but remember to add the salt, black or rock! He casts another iodized salt ever!! These Aodin containing acidic salt!!!!

then friends of course plenty of juice to this Loki!! 2 to 3 months of your heart 's blockage will fix!! 21 the day you will start to see a huge impact! !!

you will not need an operation!! From our house to the ayurveda treatment of India will be done! And your precious body and millions of rupees operation will survive!

, and money can be saved! Then give it away in a manger! Instead of the doctor is to provide a cowshed!! India bossy mother left us survive!!  

your whole post read thank you very much!

better understand how to treat these diseases here  
must surely click Close!! WATCH ? v. = C8NbDw4QGVM & Feature = Plcp 
Amar shaheed Rajiv Dixit Hail!

DRINK WATER ON EMPTY stomach ~ ~ ~ ~ 

It is popular in Japan today to drink immediately after Water Waking up every Morning. Furthermore, scientific tests have proven its value. We publish below a description of use of water for our readers. Fo
R as well as old and serious Diseases Modern Illnesses Found the Water Treatment had been as successful by A Japanese medical Society A 100
% Cure Diseases for the following: Headache, body ache, heart System, Arthritis, Fast heart beat, Epilepsy, excess Fatness, Bronchitis Asthma, TB, Meningitis, kidney and urine Diseases, vomiting, gastritis, diarrhea, piles, diabetes, constipation, all EYE Diseases, womb, menstrual Disorders and Cancer, nose and throat Diseases EAR. METHOD OF TREATMENT 1. As you wake up in the Morning before brushing teeth, drink 4 x L60ml Glasses of Water 2. The mouth but do not brush and CLEAN Eat or drink anything for 45 minute 3 .. Effects 45 minutes you may Eat and drink as normal. 4. After 15 minutes of breakfast, lunch and Dinner Eat or drink anything for 2 hours do not 5. Unable to those who are old or sick and are at the beginning may commence by drink 4 Glasses of Water Water and gradually increase it to 4 Glasses Little taking per day. 6. Method of Treatment of Diseases Cure will the above can enjoy the sick and Others A Healthy Life. The following gives List of the Number of days required to Treatment Cure / Control / Reduce Main Diseases: 1. High Blood Pressure (30 days) 2. Gastric (10 days) 3. Diabetes (30 days) 4. Constipation (10 days) 5. Cancer (180 days) 6. TB (90 days) 7. Arthritis patients should follow the above for only 3 days in the 1st Week Treatment, and from 2nd onwards Week - Daily .. This Treatment Method has no side effects, you may have to Urinate However at the Commencement of Treatment A FEW times. It is better if we continue this and make this procedure as a routine work in our life. Drink Water and Stay Healthy and Active. Sense .. The Chinese and Japanese drink hot This makes their Meals with Tea Water not cold. Maybe it is time we adopt their drinking habit while eating!!! Nothing to lose, everything to Gain ... For those who like to drink cold Water, this article is Applicable to you. It is nice to have A cup of cold drink after meal A. However, the cold water will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed. Down it will slow the digestion. Once this 'Sludge' reacts with the acid, it will break absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid BE Down and food. LINE will it the intestine. Very soon, this will turn into fats and Lead to Cancer. It is best to drink hot soup or Warm Water A meal after. A serious note about heart attacks: · Women should know that not every heart Hurting Attack symptom is going to BE the left arm, · Be Aware of intense pain in the Jaw LINE . · You may never have the first chest pain during the Course of Attack A heart. · Nausea and intense are also Common Symptoms Sweating. · 60% of people who have while they are asleep do not wake up Attack A heart. · Pain in the jaw can wake you from a sound sleep. Let's be careful and be aware. The more we know, the better chance we could Survive ... A Cardiologist says if everyone who gets this mail Sends it to everyone they know, you can we'll BE sure that at least one Life Save. Please BE A true friend and send this article to all Your Friends care about you. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE IT ignore. THIS MIGHT SAVE SOMEONE'S LIFE. ♥


The Ayurvedic Solutions The following Ayurvedic principles, if adapted into our Lives, Preventing Chronic Disease and consequent can BE in cases of Highly Effective Drug resistance:

From Early childhood onwards, parents should use herbs / Children's Common Health Conditions such as home Remedies to treat cough, cold, Acidity, and urinary tract infection, among Others. Herbs / home remedies such as ginger, honey, licorice, chamomile, etc. are known to be effective in boosting health in kids and do not show any side-effects despite prolonged use.

Elders should Too Inculcate Habits and stay away from Herb increased use of Antibiotics usage. Irrespective of the chronicity of disease, they should use traditional medication and focus on making the right diet and lifestyle choices.

We should work on Strengthening our body so that chances of infection are Reduced Immunity. Increase intake of foods that enhance ojas (energy) such as fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh milk, nuts, pulses, etc. These foods not only enhance sattva (purity) in the mind, but are also easily digestible and help in decreasing the production of ama (toxins). When you are high on ojas and not bogged down by ama, you will automatically have more strength to avoid the onset of disease.

If you Live in An Area / region that has been affected by An Epidemic, is the best Way to stay safe by Undergoing Treatment Panchakarma - Ayurvedic detoxification and rejuvenation of Therapies that are Highly beneficial for the body.

01. Healthy diet with 30 minutes of at least 5 days in Exercise A Week.
02. Eat A Piece of Fresh Ginger Meals to maintain good Health before. Ginger stimulates the digestive fire (Jhatharagni) and helps to digest food completely.
03. Regularly Drinking Water is hot Highly recommended for Balancing Vata dosha and KAPHA, Strengthning POWER digestive, metabolic and Reducing Waste (AMA) that may have accumulated in the body, boil AMOUNT Sufficient Water for atleast TEN minutes of Tap Water or mineral. Keep this water in a flask and take a few sips every half-hour throughout the day.
04. Try to Eat Dinner Early, if possible and no later than before Two hours before sunset should BedlThe Evening meal consists of food that is Digested Light and easily. Avoid deep fried, cold foods, dairy products and sweets. Rice and Yogurt should also be avoided. The ideal meal consists of salads, boiled or steamed vegetables, vegetable soups, and breads.
05. Mangoes are rich in Caroteinoid Another called lycopene, which is Antioxident A Potent. Lycopene works to protect cells and suppress tumor growth.
06. Soy is the only containing all Eight Essential amino Acids Vegetable, making Soy A complete protein.
07. Coconut is An all natural drink that can Add Health to Your Life years.
08. Avoid High concentration of sugars with FOODS (Cakes - Icecreame - Honey) for Minimising chances of cavities.
09. Never hesitate to Eat A Piece of Orange. It contains Calcium and folic acid which are good for healthy cells, healthy bones and healthy teeth
10. Gargling with the Water of the Adulsa (Justicia Adhadota) Brings about Ulcer Pains An Instant relief from mouth.
11. To Reduce Hiccups, drink soda A Glass of Water Speedily.
12. Try Drinking Tea instead of more help to PROTECT Your body from damaging effects of cofee Free Redicals. Tea is a rich source of antioxidents.
13. Instead of using A cream moisturizer after you shower or bath, rub in Almond Oil to Your Skin A treat for. It will leave your skin smooth and supple.
14. Limit Fast food to occasional treats: Restaurant Portions BE much larger than one person to tend Needs - Five times as much sometimes. Besides being more expensive, they also tend to be high in sugar, fat and salt. Make eating at home - around the dinner table and with the television off - a habit in your home, and make fruits and / or vegetables a part of every meal.
15 . T reat stomach Ache, try this home Very Effective Remedy: Mint Juice and Lime Juice Mix one Teaspoon of each; Add A FEW drops of Ginger Juice and A pinch of black salt. Drink this mixture to alleviate pain.
16. Caffeinated beverages are not recommended in Ayurveda ESP in the Morning, Have A Glass of hot lemon cleanse out the digestive tract to Water
17. Make A Celebration breakfast on weekends, Plan A menu in ADVANCE, the Kids to help encourage and share the work. This will get them excited about breakfast.
18. Alight breakfast is Essential Tostart the digestion, Warm FOODS are better than cooked cold Cereal, Milk, and Juice, They are harder on the digestive Fire.
19. Exercising is necessary Vata in Preventing cold sweat out toxins from accumulating for Blood Circulation, A Healthy digestion and blush.
20. For Poor Metabolism, Ginger Powder, Ghee, & Jaggery, MIX them together in Same Quantity and Size Make small balls of it after each meal have small Marbles.
21. For warms, First thing in the Morning, Eat 1 small Piece of Jaggery then wait for 5 minutes and Eat Tspun of 1 or caraway caraway Seeds Powder.
22.  Health Benefits of Honey 

1. Honey cures for cough: Tea made from fresh ginger root with honey soothes cough. Or, mix very hot milk with one tablespoon of honey and drink warm.
2. Honey cure for heart disease: Add wildflower honey in a glass of water with the juice of one lemon.

3 Honey cure for constipation: For the treatment of constipation, drink honey dissolved in cold water, because dissolved in warm water causes the opposite effect.

4. Honey cure for immunity: Every morning, on an empty stomach take one spoon of honey.

5. Chamomile tea with honey soothes insomnia and dizziness.

6. Dog Rose tea with honey is recommended for the treatment of kidney, urinary bladder and urinary tract.

7. Honey for encouraging energy: During sports training or other physical exertion, drink water to which was added a little honey.

8. Honey and milk are a great choice for natural skin care.


24. Black Chick Pea soup: Take 25 Grams black Chickpeas (kala Chana). Soak them in 300 ml water in the night. Next morning, boil the chick peas and water for 4-5 minutes and filter. Add salt and black pepper to the boiled chick pea water. It is good for weakness, chronic cough, persons with weak digestive fire, and persons suffering from anemia. Chick peas Salad in black can with the BE USED Separately RAW Carrots, Radish and cucumber as it is rich in protein.

Khoon ki kami, kamjori, purani khansi, kamjor pachan wale log kale chane ka soup piye. 25 gram kala chana raat ko 300 ml. pani mein bhigo de. Agli subah 4-5 minute ubale aur chhan le. Chane ke pani mein thoda sa namak aur kali mirch dal kar garam garam piye. Chane ko alag se salad ke saath kha sakte hai.

25. For stomachache, MIX Juice and Lime Juice 1 Teaspoon each of Mint; Teaspoon of Ginger Juice and A Half Add one pinch of black salt. Drink this mixture to alleviate pain. You may also mix 2 teaspoons lemon juice and ¼ teaspoon rock salt powder in ½ cup of water. Have this mixture 2 -3 times a day.

Pet dard ke liye ek chammach pudina ka ras, ek chammach nimbu ka ras aur adha chammach adrak ke ras mein thoda sa kala namak milakar lene se araam milta hai. Iske alava do chammach nimbu ke ras mein ek chauthai chammach saindha namak daal kar adha cup pani mein milakar din mein 2-3 baar peene se laabh hota hai.

26. "Eat Your Drink Your Solids and Liquids" Health is the Mantra for good. Whenever you eat solid foods, chew them nicely that they become liquid in your mouth and when you drink water, juice or any other liquid, drink in sips slowly as if you are eating it. By doing this the food and on the other hand gets Nutrition Digested completely and provides "AMA" the Toxic material is not formed.

bhojan karte Samay thos Padartho we Taki Chabaye version number ko muh se acchi prakar Mein Ban Jaye Taral. Isi prakar jab aap koi taral padarth (pani, juice etc) piye to ghoont ghoot karke dheerey dheerey piye. Aisa karne se bhojan poorn roop se pach jata hai aur sharir ko pust karta hai. Iske atirikt vishaila padarth 'aam' nahi banta.

01. Eat the Powder of dried Ginger and cumin with sugar for relief from cough.
02. A cup of grape Juice Mixed with A Teaspoon of honey is recommended for cough relief.
03. Soak Almonds, remove Skin, MIX with 20 gms. of butter and sugar, Take this moring and evening to relieve cough.
04. The root of the Turmeric in PLANT A Dry cough is useful. The root should be roasted and powdered & taken in 3 gms. doses twice daily.
05. In the case of severe cough, take orange juice diluted in a cup of warm water every two hours.
05. In cases of Dry cough (especially during the Night), peel A Piece of Fresh Ginger small. Sprinkle some salt on it and chew. You could also take equal amounts of cardamom, ginger powder, black pepper and cinnamon (1 teaspoon each). Add sugar equal to the total amount of mixture and grind to make a fine powder. Take half a teaspoon twice daily, with honey or warm water after meals.
Sookhi Khansi ho to (Vishekar Raat ko) to Chhota le SA Taaza Adrak ka Tukda rakhe Mein Aur Aur Uspar muh kala Lagakar Namak Namak Chooste Rahe sada YA. Iske atirikt saunth, kali mirch, dalchini aur chhoti ilaichi ka powder ek ek chammach le aur isme 4 chammach khand ya cheeni ka powder milaye. Isme (mixture) me se adha adha chammach din mein do baar le bhojan ke baad shahad ya garam pani se.
01. Ginger Powder, Ghee, & Jaggery, MIX them together and have it first thing in the Morning in Same Quantity.
02. Drink Ginger Juice 1 ml. to 2 ml. with warm water, Drink club soda with some salt & Black pepper powder
01. constipation - Fill A POT with copper Water, keep it overnight (Room temp.), Next day Morning in the Morning Warm up the Water and drink it first.


01. The best is to keep Acidity A Way to Reduce Your jaws and slowly suck it in small Piece of Jaggery. Repeat it often till ut subsides.
02. Drink A Glass of Milk for quick relief of cold Heartburn and Acidity.
03. Drink 1 Glass of Milk with 1 Tspun of Ghee.
04. To stop vomiting, Half gram of Ground Cardamom, Honey and have it slowly MIX with 1 Tspun
05. To Cure the problem of hyperacidity, MIX together parts of Equal Powdered Fennel (saunf), Licorice root (Mulethi), basil (Tulsi) leaves, and coriander (dhania) Seeds. Have ½ teaspoon of this mixture with ½ teaspoon of powdered rock candy (mishri) 15 minutes before lunch and dinner.

01. To avoid stress; Eat natural forms of food. Bring a bag of fresh fruit and cut up vegetables to snack on during the workday.
02. Relaxing day for atleast 20 minutes A A long Way to GO will Bloodpressure and Reduce Your reactions to stress.

01. Flossing Your teeth Everyday, Gum Disease. Left untreated, can lead to inflammatory reactions in the body that can trigger heart desease and stroke.

01. Need to get rid of tired eyes immediately or Puffy? , Keep a spoon in the freezer and apply to eyelids for a few minutes to reduce redness.
02. Massaging Castor Oil on Your feet may VISION BE help you Reduce Your Regularly Improves not only on the Glasses numbers.
03. Working on the Computer or watching television for long hours is not good for eyes. When you look at an object for any length of time it aggravates Pitta (fire) in the eye region. To pacify Pitta, splash your eyes with cold water every 2-3 hours. You can also relax your eyes by closing them for a few minutes in every hour.
04. To keep Your eyes Healthy, Soak one spoon of Triphala Powder for Tea A Glass of Water in whole Night, Next Morning Filter and wash it several times A day Your eyes.

01. Recently more and more people are suffering from including the Youth Backache, neck pain and specially Stiffness in muscles of the back. Regular oil massage with sesame oil, daily stretching exercises / yoga and eating a diet which is light and easily digestible can help. Make A mixture of Equal quantities of Ginger Powder, Fenugreek Powder and Turmeric Powder and Take one of Teaspoonful T he ​​day with Warm Water after Meals A mixture twice. Those who are chronic should go for Panchakarma treatment, it is very effective. For more help, feel free to call our helpline number 91 129 4040 404 and speak to a Jiva doctor for a free consultation via phone.
Kamar dard aur gardan dard aajkal ek aam samasya ban gayi hai, jis se aaj ka yuva varg bhi peedit hai. Har roz til ke tel se malish, yogasana / stretching exercises aur halk va supachya bhojan khane se laabh milta hai. Barabar matra mein haldi, saunth aur methi ka churan milakar mishran banaye aur iss mixture mein se ek ek chammach din mein do baar gungune pani se bhojan ke baad le. Jin logo ka rog purana ho gaya unhe Ayurvedic panchkarma chikitsa karaani chahiye jo ki bahut laabhdayak hai.

01. Under the eyes have enough sleep Daily. Grind almonds to powder and store it in a bottle. Make a paste with milk and apply around your eye for 20 minutes every morning. Let it dry and wash with water. Before going to bed massage the affected area gently with almond oil.
Aankho ke neechey kale dhabbo ke liye badaam ke powder ko doodh mein milakar paste banake har roz subah 20 minute lagaye. sookhne par pani se dho le. Raat ko sone se pehle badam ke tel se gentle malish kare.

01. Avoid Too much salt as it may BE Intake of A Weight Factor for increasing body.
02. boil 5 - 10 gms. of Triphla Powder with one n half glass of water for 5 - 10 mins. and drink it as hot as possible daily.
03. Fasting on honey and Lime-Juice is Highly Treatment of obesity without the loss of ENERGY and Appetite Beneficialin. ie 1 spoon of honey with 1/2 lime-juice.
04. Whenever you Eat Fast food, drink 2 Glasses of Water afterward. This way you can flush away some of the excess sodium by drinking plenty of H2O.
05. Drink 2 Glasses of Water before every meal, you Eat This will keep you hydrated and Make A Little Less Thus Aiding Weight loss.
06. Onions Research has revealed that top ara A Source of flavonoids called CARDIO Protective ELEMENTS, good for Weight loss. So go ahead & eat them.
07. Remember gaining BE could Unhealthy Weight Too Fast. A large increase in body weight is an underlying symptom of emotional pressure or hypothyroidism.
08. boil 1 Glass of Water, cool it and drink it Down then Add 1 Tspun of Honey, Do this every Morning.

01. Eat High protein such as beans with FOODS, Pulses and peas, and High STARCH FOODS content such as with potatoes, Rice and Tapioca.
02. consume alot of High-CALORIE snacks (not junk food) such as cheese Sticks, Milk shakes, muffins, dried fruits, yoghurt etc.
03. Dried fruits are black like Meals Excellent fillers in between dates, dried figs, Raisins and Apricots or A Dry fruit milkshake.
04. Focus on Free Weight exercises (not Machinery) that Target Your large muscle groups. ie you need dumbells, not gym machines.

01. Home Remedy of the Day: boil 10-12 basil (Tulsi) leaves in 1 cup of Water for 15 minutes. Mix 1 teaspoon of honey in it and take twice a day. This is one of the best Remedies for Kidney Stones .

01. Soak overnight 10-12 Mango leaves and drink the Water in Water in the Morning. One can also dry the leaves and then grind them to make a powder. Mix 1 teaspoon of this powder in water every morning and take it.

For headache / migraine: Mix clove powder, cinnamon powder, and almond powder (each one teaspoonful). Add a little water to make a paste. Apply this paste on the forehead. Massaging the head with sesame oil or almond oil regularly is also very beneficial. Putting 2-3 drops of almond oil in each nostril before going to bed is also useful.

Shir shool (shir mein dard): ek chammach long ka powder, ek chammach dalchini ka powder, ek chammach badaam ka powder-sabko milakar paste banakar mathe par lep kare. Iske alawa shir mein til ke tel ya badaam ke tel se malish karne se bhi laabh hota hai. Raat ko sote samay naak mein 2-3 boond badam ka tel dale.


01. Natural Color for Grey Hair: Make A 2 Teaspoonful Paste made ​​from henna Powder, one Teaspoonful yogurt, one Teaspoonful seed Fenugreek Powder, Powder Amala 2 tablespoonful, 2 tablespoonful Mint Juice and Juice 2 tablespoonful basil. Apply this paste to the hair for two hours. For a darker color, leave this paste for 3 to 4 hours. Wash hair with any Ayurvedic shampoo.

Ke liye safed natural balon Color: 2 Chammach Mehndi Powder, dahi Chammach EK, EK Chammach methi Powder, 2 bade Chammach Amala Powder, Pudina ka ras Chammach 2 bade bade Chammach Aur Tulsi ka ras Milakar Paste Banaye do. Ise balon mein laga kar 2 ghante tak rakhe. Adhik color ke liye 3-4 ghante tak rakhe aur Ayurvedic shampoo se dhoye.

* Freedom from Pain:
In the modern age, pain has become a very common ailment. People suffer from different kinds of pains like back pain, neck pain, joint pain, headache, stomach ache, nerve pain, and muscle pain. In addition, majority of population all over the world suffers from emotional pain. The emotional pain manifests as unhappiness, depression, anxiety, mental stress, frustration, and anger and leads to a number of devastating physical, mental and even social imbalances. At a spiritual level, lack of love, unharmonious relations and disharmony with nature / environment are causes of special kind of pain, which is very severe and intense.

It has been often noticed that even the physical pain has its root in the subtle. That is why it has become a big challenge to manage pain. While physical pain (pain in body parts) can be temporarily suppressed by medicines like pain killers, the pain at subtle level can not be relived through medicines.

According to Ayurveda, most pains are caused by aggravation of vata dosha. Vata is that energy of our body which is responsible from movement and transportation of various materials including nerve impulses. Hence, disturbance in vata leads to poor circulation of blood and improper transportation of nutrients to required places. It also affects the elimination of waste products. This results in accumulation of toxins in various places of body leading to stiffness, swelling, immobility and pain.

Reasons for vata aggravation
Eating large quantities of foods that are cold, dry, light, airy, and gas forming such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, beans, lettuce, mushroom, parsley, peas, bell pepper (capsicum), spinach, corn, lentils, white or rye breads, soya products, yeast based spreads, smoked food, cold drinks, ice cream, crispy and crunchy food items. Eating while anxious or depressed. Indulging in activities that are similar to vata in nature, including traveling and high mobility, watching too much television, exposure to high levels of noise, late nights and excessive sexual activity. During periods when conditions are naturally high in vata such as when it is cold, dry or windy, just prior to sunrise and sunset, and during middle to old age, vata can become more easily disturbed.

Remedies Generally, when people with GO Doctors to pain, they Prescribe Painkillers, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs. Often, these treatments provide temporary relief, but may not remove the condition permanently. However, in Ayurveda, the treatments aim to eliminate the root cause of the problem, and resulting in a permanent solution. So the Ayurvedic strategy for treatment in this case is to reduce vata and cleanse ama from the body.

Abhyanga (Oil massage): Abhyanga or Ayurvedic Oil massage is the best Remedy to get rid of the pain. Due to its lubricant nature, sesame oil massage balances the vata. The sesame oil also has properties to enter into minute channels and eliminate ama and toxins from the body. Abhyanga nourishes the nerve pathways and helps to reduce mental and emotional stress by improving neuro-transmission. Abhyanga increases clarity and peace of mind. Abhyanga is very effective in removing all kinds of pain and for this reason this simple Ayurvedic treatment has become very popular all over the world.

Below are some additional remedies you can try for the getting rid of pains and aches.
• In order to reduce vata, eat food that is warm, unctuous (little oily), calming, grounding and heavy (not light in weight). It is necessary that the food is completely digested; otherwise it will form more ama.
• Make a mixture (powder) of turmeric, dry ginger and fenugreek seeds (all equal quantity). Take one teaspoonful of this powder twice a day with warm water.
• One half teaspoonful of garlic paste or powder mixed with two teaspoonful of honey can be taken twice day. One should drink warm water after eating the mixture, if necessary.
• Make a mixture of Coriander, Cumin, Dry Ginger, Dry Mint leaves, Black Pepper, Normal Salt, Cardamom, and Cinnamon (each equal quantity). Eat half to one teaspoonful twice a day after lunch and after dinner with warm water.
• In order to cleanse the toxins, two teaspoonful of Castor oil, mixed with a cup of warm milk should be taken before going to bed. This can be taken twice a week.
• Regular exercise including stretching of muscles, Yoga postures, using a hard bed to sleep, managing mental stress, using a chair that gives good support to back muscles, and deep abdominal breathing.

It is important that we change our daily lifestyle routines if we wish to lead a pain-free life.

By Dr. Partap Chauhan


01.  I would like to share this interesting from Discovery A friend's son who has just recovered from dengue fever's Classmate. Apparently, his son was in the critical stage at the ICU when his blood platelet count dropped badly after 15 liters of blood transfusion. His father was so worried that he sought another friend's recommendation whose son was saved. He confessed that he gave his son raw juice of the papaya leaves. After drinking the raw papaya leaf juice, his platelet count rose up instantly to a good level .. Even the doctors and nurses were surprised. After the second day he was discharged. So he asked me to pass this good news around. Accordingly it is raw papaya leaves, 2pcs just cleaned and pound and squeeze with filter cloth. You will only get one tablespoon per leaf .. So two tablespoon per serving once a day. Do not boil or cook or rinse with hot water, it will loose its strength. Only the leafy part and no stem or 
sap. It is very bitter and you have to swallow it like "Won Low Kat". But it works.

That papaya juice is a natural cure for dengue fever. As dengue fever is rampant now, I think it's good to share this with all. Please spread the news about this as lately there are many dengue cases. It's great if such natural cure could help to ease the sufferings of dengue.
Furthermore it's so easily available.
Blend them and squeeze the juice! It's simple and miraculously effective!!

Please SHARE this with everyone.


"10000 times stronger killer of CANCER than Chemo" .. do share it .. can save many lives, fill up hopes and build confidence in the patients ...

The Sour Sop or the fruit from the graviola tree is a miraculous natural cancer cell killer 10,000 times stronger than Chemo.

Why are we not aware of this? Its because some big corporation want to make back their money spent on years of research by trying to make a synthetic version of it for sale.

So, since you know it now you can help a friend in need by letting him know or just drink some sour sop juice yourself as prevention from time to time. The taste is not bad after all. It's completely natural and definitely has no side effects. If you have the space, plant one in your garden.
The other parts of the tree are also useful.

The next time you have a fruit juice, ask for a sour sop.

How many people died in vain while this billion-dollar drug maker concealed the secret of the miraculous Graviola tree?

This tree is low and is called graviola! in Brazi l, guanabana in Spanish and has the uninspiring name "soursop" in English. The fruit is very large and the subacid sweet white pulp is eaten out of hand or, more commonly, used to make fruit drinks, sherbets and such.

The principal interest in this plant is because of its strong anti-cancer effects. Although it is effective for a number of medical conditions, it is its anti tumor effect that is of most interest. This plant is a proven cancer remedy for cancers of all types.

Besides being a cancer remedy, graviola is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent for both bacterial and fungal infections, is effective against internal parasites and worms, lowers high blood pressure and is used for depression, stress and nervous disorders.

If there ever was a single example that makes it dramatically clear why the existence of Health Sciences Institute is so vital to Americans like you, it's the incredible story behind the Graviola tree ..

The truth is stunningly simple: Deep within the Amazon Rainforest grows a tree that could literally revolutionize what you, your doctor, and the rest of the world thinks about cancer treatment and chances of survival. The future has never looked more promising.

Research shows that with extracts from this miraculous tree it now may be possible to:
* Attack cancer safely and effectively with an all-natural therapy that does not cause extreme nausea, weight loss and hair loss
* Protect your immune system and avoid deadly infections
* Feel stronger and healthier throughout the course of the treatment
* Boost your energy and improve your outlook on life

The source of this information is just as stunning: It comes from one of America 's largest drug manufacturers, th! e fruit of over 20 laboratory tests conducted since the 1970's! What those tests revealed was nothing short of mind numbing ... Extracts from the tree were shown to:

* Effectively target and kill malignant cells in 12 types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreatic cancer ..
* The tree compounds proved to be up to 10,000 times stronger in slowing the growth of cancer cells than Adriamycin, a commonly used chemotherapeutic drug!
* What's more, unlike chemotherapy, the compound extracted from the Graviola tree selectivelyhunts
down and kills only cancer cells .. It does not harm healthy cells!

The amazing anti-cancer properties of the Graviola tree have been extensively researched-so why haven't you heard anything about it? If Graviola extract is

One of America 's biggest billion-dollar drug makers began a search for a cancer cure and their research centered on Graviola, a legendary healing tree from the Amazon Rainforest.

Various parts of the Graviola tree-including the bark, leaves, roots, fruit and fruit-seeds-have been used for centuries by medicine men and native Indi! ans in S outh America to treat heart disease, asthma, liver problems and arthritis. Going on very little documented scientific evidence, the company poured money and resources into testing the tree's anti-cancerous properties-and were shocked by the results. Graviola proved itself to be a cancer-killing dynamo.
But that's where the Graviola story nearly ended.

The company had one huge problem with the Graviola tree-it's completely natural, and so, under federal law, not patentable. There's no way to make serious profits from it.

It turns out the drug company invested nearly seven years trying to synthesize two of the Graviola tree's most powerful anti-cancer ingredients. If they could isolate and produce man-made clones of what makes the Graviola so potent, they'd be able to patent it and make their money back. Alas, they hit a brick wall. The original simply could not be replicated. There was no way the company could protect its profits-or even make back the millions it poured into research.

As the dream of huge profits evaporated, their testing on Graviola came to a screeching halt. Even worse, the company shelved the entire project and chose not to publish the findings of its research!

Luckily, however, there was one scientist from the Graviola research team whose conscience wouldn't let him see such atrocity committed. Risking his career, he contacted a company that's dedicated to harvesting medical plants from the Amazon Rainforest and blew the whistle.

Miracle unleashed
When researchers at the Health Sciences Institute were alerted to the news of Graviola,! they be gan tracking the research done on the cancer-killing tree. Evidence of the astounding effectiveness of Graviola-and its shocking cover-up-came in fast and furious ....

.... The National Cancer Institute performed the first scientific research in 1976. The results showed that Graviola's "leaves and stems were found effective in attacking and destroying malignant cells." Inexplicably, the results were published in an internal report and never released to the public ...

.... Since 1976, Graviola has proven to be an immensely potent cancer killer in 20 independent laboratory tests, yet no double-blind clinical trials-the typical benchmark mainstream doctors and journals use to judge a treatment's value-were ever initiated ....

.... A study published in the Journal of Natural Products, following a recent study conducted at Catholic University of South Korea stated that one chemical in Graviola was found to selectively kill colon cancer cells at "10,000 times the potency of (the commonly used chemotherapy drug ) Adriamycin ... "

.... The most significant part of the Catholic University of South Korea report is that Graviola was shown to selectively target the cancer cells, leaving healthy cells untouched. Unlike chemotherapy, which indiscriminately targets all actively reproducing cells (such as stomach and hair cells), causing the often devastating side effects of nausea and hair loss in cancer patients.

... A study at Purdue University recently found that leaves from the Graviola tree killed cancer cells among six human cell lines and were especially effective against prostate, pancreatic and lung cancers Seven years of silence broken-it's finally here!


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